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Southern Sky takes pride in its fleet of comfortable, reliable vehicles. We provide luxurious transportation services for groups, businesses and organizations.

Southern Sky Safaris Full service, licensed, professional tour operators.

Welcome to Kenya, the heart of East Africa, legendary home of the safari and world famous game reserves. This jewel on the Indian Ocean contains unspoiled habitats from dry to lush filled with familiar and rare animal species. Kenya also offers white powder beaches, safe tropical waters and fascinating cultures.

Kenya contains vast, untamed landscapes representing an array of ecosystems where the circle of life has remained undisturbed by human activities. Discover predators and prey populating wild spaces. Interact with open-hearted, friendly people. Experience exhilarating night skies undiminished by artificial lighting, astonishing sunsets melting into the plains, mountains and lakes, and captivating vistas abounding in flora and fauna.

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