6 Day Discovery Trail
This safari is good value and includes Mount Kenya, Lake Nakuru & Masai Mara with a wide variety of game viewing and landscapes.

This safari covers much of the regular northern circuit but excludes Samburu. With three widely varied habitats you will gain an excellent feel for the Kenya bush. The Mara is excellent for all year round game viewing and contrasts well with the forest glades of Mt. Kenya where the game come to your tree-lodge water hole. Lake Nakuru has flocks of colourful flamingos, a herd of protected rhino as well as Rothschilds giraffe to add wildlife viewing pleasure.

7 Day Kenya Pioneer Road Safari
This is a luxury road safari to experience private ranch wildlife, unique and unusual beauty and learn of a tradition of conservation in Kenya

Begin your safari with a visit to the private ranch of Laikipias Lewa Downs conservancy for a taste of generations living with wildlife, followed by a uniquely Kenyan stay at Loisaba, remote Lake Baringo and serene Lake Naivasha where you hosts will be Lord and Lady Enniskillen.

8 Day Nairobi to Coast Big 5 Safar
Starting in Nairobi and ending at the Coast, this safari includes the Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli, Tsavo West and Tsavo East.

This road safari features 5 different parks starting in Nairobi and is for the wildlife enthusiast who also wants to enjoy the tropical playground of the Kenya coast. If you want to experience a wide variety of habitat and scenery with plenty of animals this is for you.

8 Day Beautiful Kenya Safari
This safari combines Samburu and the Mara, two outstanding game parks with the two Lakes Naivasha and Nakuru plus optional golf, boat rides or horse riding

This is a relaxed safari that shows you much of beautiful Kenya from extinct volcanoes, rolling riverine grass plains, wooded green highland, infinity vistas, majestic mountains, lovely lakes, pink flamingo flocks, a green golf course and semi arid dry bush country that includes a wide variety of game viewing in diverse game rich areas.

8 Day Wings over Kenya Air Safari
Fly in style and comfort with time to enjoy Amboseli, Samburu and the Masai Mara. Optionally you may continue the holiday flying from the Mara direct to the coast.

This safari removes long hard days of driving and leaves you with extra time for game viewing in the three superb parks selected for their diversity. You see Kenya with a birds eye view visiting the vividly contrasting habitat of the small but beautiful Amboseli in the shadow of snow capped Kilimanjaro, the semi arid riverine scrubland of Samburu and the delightful rolling grass plains of the Masai Mara, home to the greatest concentration of wildlife in Kenya.

10 Day Nairobi to Coast Grand Safari
Starting in Nairobi and ending at the coast this 10 day safari is well paced and covers the five wonderfully diverse parks of Mount Kenya, Lake Nakuru, the Masai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo West and Tsavo East.

This safari includes a forest glade tree lodge, Lake Nakuru with spectacular bird life, two full days in the superb Masai Mara, scenic Amboseli, Green hilled Tsavo West and the dry Tsavo East. Covering a huge part of Kenya with excellent game viewing, it is designed to end at the beach where you can continue with a coast holiday

1 1/2 Day Tsavo East Karibu Road Safari
A quick safari taster with one night in the bush.

If you just want to spend one night in the bush and have limited time this is the answer. One night under canvas or in a banda with a chance to see the wild life conveniently packaged. Just a one and a half day quick getaway.

21/2 Day Tsavo East & West Chui Road Safari
With one night in Tsavo East and one night in Tsavo West this is an ideal safari for a taste of the size and diversity of Tsavo.

Your first visit is to the dry semi arid region of Tsavo East followed the next day with a visit to the denser bush coverage of Tsavo West. In just two and a half days you will explore a sizeable area of Tsavo and experience two different camps.

1 Day Tsavo East Haraka Road Safari
Not so much a safari as a one day excursion.

After spending much of the day game viewing you will return by the same route to your hotel. This is a snap shot tour for those that want just a taster or enjoyable day break.

2 Day Tsavo East Tembo Road Safari
A 2 Day wildlife tour of Tsavo East

With two days you have time to tour different areas of Tsavo East as far as the Sabaki river to see crocodile and perhaps hippo. The red elephants of Tsavo get their name from blowing the red coloured murram earth over themselves. A quick taste of the dry African bush lands.

3 Day Tsavo East & West Simba Road Safari
For a visit to both parts of Tsavo plus a guided game walk this is the right choice.

Your first days tour is to the dry semi arid region of Tsavo East followed the next day with a visit to the denser bush coverage of Tsavo West. With a guided game walk included you get a good feel for the wildlife and habitat of Tsavo in just three days.

3 Day Tsavo East & Taita Hills Explorer Road Safari
This 3 Day safari includes Tsavo East and Taita Hills

This short road safari provides interesting contrast between the semi arid plains of Tsavo East and the green hills of the Taita Hills with a visit to the huge private wild life sanctuary that was created by the Hilton group. If you book at the Saltlick you will stay in a unique lodge on stilts with an underground game viewing tunnel.

3 Day Tsavo East & Finch Hattons Safi Road Safari
This 3 Day road safari gives a good taste of the diversity of tsavo east and west plus a luxury camp stay

This safari contrasts the dry arid areas of tsavo east with the green hills and panoramic landscapes of tsavo west and includes a stay at the luxurious Finch Hatton camp where you will be pampered with delightful cuisine at dinner accompanied to light classic music. Finch Hatton lived a stylish life as an early Kenya settler, pilot and hunter. The camp revives memories of those heady early days.

4 Day Tsavo & Amboseli Adventure Road Safari
This 4 Day safari covers lots of miles and three parks in four days with wonderful views of Kilimanjaroy

This safari enables you to experience a wide variety of landscapes, habitat and wildlife in a short time and includes a stay in the shadow of Kilimanjaro, Africas highest mountain perhaps with a chance to get a photo of elephants with the mountain in the background.

5 Day Tsavo East West Amboseli Big 5 Road Safari
This safari is for the wildlife enthusiast. You will see plenty of wild animals and a large variety of birds in many different habitats.

This 5 day tour includes three parks and four camps in a compact drive through many of the popular areas accessible by road from the coast. Starting from the coast it is leisurely paced and the final day is a lengthy drive returning from Amboseli. You will have many opportunities to see a wide variety of wildlife..

7 Day Discover Kenya Road & Air Safari
Seven-day safari with a great variety of Kenya. Includes flight from Mara back to the coast.

This is for the wildlife enthusiast who wants to see many parts of Kenya. Includes the rift valley lake Nakuru, the fabled Masai Mara,the popular Amboseli and massive Tsavo East and West. If you are looking to see plenty of wildlife with a large variety of landscapes take this safari.

2 Day Mara Discover Air Safari
If you visit only one park, the Mara is the best choice. Cut out 2 days of road travel with an Air Safari.

A flying safari is the luxury travel option. Leave early in the morning and enjoy an afternoon and morning game drive with one night in the Masai Mara, home to the Big 5 with some of the best all year round game viewing in Kenya.

3 Day Mara Pioneer Air Safari
Cut out days of road travel and enjoy one of Kenyas best parks with 2 days in the Mara

A flying safari is your luxury travel option cutting out days of tiring travel. The Mara offers the best Big 5 game viewing and this safari provides comfort, convenience and quality.

3 Day Amboseli Mara Simba Air Safari
Spend one night in Amboseli and one night in the Mara in this compact luxury air safari.

You will stay at an Old-style luxury tented camp in the Amboseli with stunning views of Kilimanjaro and then stay in a small luxury camp in the heart of the Maras Big Cat country. Flying there gives your comfort and convenience with your luxury accommodation.

4 Day Amboseli Mara Wings Air Safari
One night in Amboseli and 2 nights in the Mara both in luxury camps

A flying safari is the luxury travel option. Both Amboseli and the Mara offer unique scenery and game viewing and you are hosted at exclusive small tented camps with old fashioned hospitality. This safari provides quality leisure time convenience and comfort with excellent game viewing.

5 Day Amboseli/Mara/Tsavo Connoisseur Air Safari
Visit 3 parks with luxury camp stays from the coast back to the coast on a luxury air safari.

This wonderful air safari with excellent game viewing will immerse you in old style hospitality with hosts that help you enjoy game viewing to the full in three diverse parts of Kenya: Amboseli, the Masai Mara and Tsavo West