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Kenya safari

1 Day Tsavo East Haraka Road Safari

A one day excursion to whet your appetite for more.

This is a snap-shot tour for those who want an enjoyable day out in the countryside. After spending much of the day viewing game, you will return by the same route to your hotel.

3 Day Amboseli Mara Simba Air Safari

Spend one night in Amboseli and one night in the Mara in this compact luxury air safari.

tay at an old-style luxury tented camp in Amboseli with stunning views of Kilimanjaro. Next, stay in a small luxury camp in the heart of the Mara’s Big Cat country. Flying there provides comfort and convenience on top of the luxury accommodations.

4 Day Tsavo & Amboseli Adventure Road Safari

This option covers three parks in four days.

Experience a wide variety of landscapes, habitats and wildlife. Stay in the shadow of Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. With luck, snap photos of elephants with the mountain in the background.

4 Day Amboseli Mara Wings Air Safari

Enjoy one night in Amboseli and two nights in the Mara, both in luxury camps.

A flying safari is the luxury travel option. Amboseli and the Mara offer unique scenery and fauna. Stay in exclusive tented camps with old-fashioned hospitality. Quality leisure time and convenience couple with comfort and excellent game viewing.

5 Day Tsavo East West Amboseli Big 5 Road Safari

The wildlife enthusiast will thrill to see plenty of wild animals and an astounding array of birds in many different habitats.

Over five days, visit three parks and four camps in many of the most popular areas. Starting at a leisurely pace from the coast, guests will have many opportunities to see a wide variety of wildlife. The adventure concludes with a drive from Amboseli back to the coast.

1 1/2 Day Tsavo East Karibu Road Safari

A short safari taster with one night in the bush.

Visitors will experience a bit of Kenya’s grandeur on this little getaway. Enjoy a night in the wild under canvas or in a banda with a chance to see wildlife in the evening and again in the morning.

2 Day Tsavo East Tembo Road Safari

A longer stay in Tsavo East

With two days in Tsavo East guests go as far as the Sabaki River to see crocodiles and possibly hippos. The red elephants of Tsavo get their name from blowing red-coloured murram earth over themselves.

2 Day Mara Discover Air Safari

Arrive quickly by air and visit this amazing park for a short visit.

A flying safari is the luxury travel option. Leave early in the morning and enjoy afternoon and morning game drives with one night in the Masai Mara, home to the Big Five, with some of the best year-round wildlife viewing in Kenya.

2 1/2 Day Tsavo East & West Chui Road Safari

An ideal safari to discover the size and diversity of Tsavo.

Spend a day in the dry semi-arid region of Tsavo East. The next day, visit the denser bush of Tsavo West. In just two and a half days you will explore a sizeable area of Tsavo and experience two different camps.

3 Day Tsavo East & West Simba Road Safari

Visit both parts of Tsavo plus enjoy a guided game walk.

Spend a day in the dry semi-arid region of Tsavo East. The next day, visit the denser bush of Tsavo West. With a guided game walk included, guests get a good feel for the varied habitats and animal residents in this enormous park.

3 Day Tsavo East & Taita Hills Explorer Road Safari

Explore Tsavo East and Taita Hills

This short road safari contrasts the semi-arid plains of Tsavo East and the green slopes of the Taita Hills. Visit the huge, private wildlife sanctuary that was created by the Hilton group. Book space at the Saltlick and stay in a unique lodge on stilts with an underground game viewing tunnel.

3 Day Tsavo East & Finch Hattons Safi Road Safari

This three day road safari provides exposure to the diversity of Tsavo East and West along with a luxury camp stay

Experience the contrasts between the semi-arid plains of Tsavo East and the panoramic green hills of Tsavo West. Stay at the luxurious Finch Hatton camp where you will be pampered with a delightful dinner accompanied by light classic music. Finch Hatton lived a stylish life as an early Kenya settler, pilot and hunter. The camp revives memories of those fascinating early days.

3 Day Mara Pioneer Air Safari

Cut out days of road travel and enjoy one of Kenya’s best parks with two days in the Mara

A flying safari is your luxury travel option, cutting out days of tiring travel. The Mara offers the best Big Five game viewing in Kenya and ranks among the top Big Five destinations in Africa. This package provides comfort, convenience and quality.